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Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Charanpreet contacted us 16 months prior to her wedding with a very clear vision of how she wanted her reception venue to be styled.

In her own words "The look I want to achieve is very elegant, with lots of flowers and candles. A mix of elaborate and understated table centers".

This formed the basis of our consultations, our meetings very informal almost like talking to an old friend. From the outset Charanpreet placed her trust in us, which gave us the derive to make her reception as special and memorable as we possibly could.

Charanpreet tasked us with styling her reception venue Regency Suite Birmingham for 700 guests.

It was paramount for us to understand both Charanpreet's like's and dislike's.

Not only was it vital for us to apprehend Charanpreet's requirements but very quickly came to know how important this day was for her parents.

Having met the entire family who welcomed us with open arms, we came to realise just how big the expectations where (first born getting married, Asian wedding! a close knit family meaning more people to impress).

The thing we love most about being in this industry is, not only do we have the privilege to contribute and be a part of one of the most memorable days in ones life, but build great friendships along the way.

Through various meetings we designed and refined a mood board that Charanpreet fell in love with'

Soft pastels and candle lights, the perfect recipe for achieving a simple yet romantic atmosphere.

Charanpreet was so impressed with the service received, not only did we provide the decor for her wedding reception she chose us to style her Chunni and Ladies Sangeet (Pre wedding ceremony).

We can confidently say Charanpreet looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day and had a wedding to match.

Thank you Charanpreet we are honored to have been a part of your wedding and overwhelmed by the hospitality received by you and your family.

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